If you are looking to invest in your personal and spiritual growth, the Christian counselors in Saginaw, Texas, are well-equipped to walk the road with you. Our trained counselors use a biblically-based approach to therapy, to help you overcome emotional obstacles and gain the freedom that comes from working through pain, discouragement, or other psychological difficulties.

People approach us for all manner of issues; even just to gain a clearer sense of perspective if there is no problem in particular to discuss. Individual counseling is proven to aid in self-awareness and will go a long way toward enriching a person’s confidence and understanding of how God works in and through the dark places of our lives.

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If you have not gone for individual counseling sessions before, it is important to bear in mind that you will get out what you put in. While a counselor is skilled at helping you uncover what is at the heart of an issue, and leading you toward growth, any real change in your life is ultimately your responsibility. You and your counselor will work together as a team to make progress in various areas of your life.

It’s also worth knowing upfront that emotional breakthroughs can take many weeks and months. Counseling is about investing in the long-term and not just a quick fix over one or two sessions. Christian counselors in Saginaw, Texas will spend time delving into your background and helping you understand the problems that you are facing.

Your counselor will listen carefully and ask questions to fully understand your context and the situation you are battling. Then, they will work with you to reach solutions for implementation. You might receive weekly assignments to go through in between sessions, and fully embracing this homework and doing it diligently will ensure maximum benefit from the individual counseling experience.

When dealing with a psychological issue, it might not seem that important whether you and your counselor hold the same worldview. The issue, after all, might not pertain to a spiritual matter, and so the input and advice received may seem separate from your belief system. Saginaw Christian Counseling does not believe this to be true and feels that there are significant differences between secular and Christian counseling.

A Christian counselor will pray for clients and the issues that are troubling them. This is an extremely powerful tool for working through emotional issues. Secondly, approaching the problems from a Biblical mindset means that they are viewed entirely in light of God’s plan for His people, to rescue sinners from a broken world to be redeemed into His kingdom.

A secular counselor will not have these same things in mind. This can be problematic as many of our psychological problems stem from the fact that we may need to rethink our views. Additionally, our emotional messes can be the consequence of living in a world that does not honor God and his principles.

A Christian counselor will relate to clients through this lens, which will enable spiritual growth and a strengthened relationship with God as one works through their pain and frustrations. There is great joy in seeing both personal progress and freedom from things that hold us back as well as witnessing the power of the Holy Spirit in one’s difficult circumstances.

Reasons for Seeing a Counselor

There are hundreds of reasons why a person might decide to attend individual counseling. Sometimes, an unexpected life circumstance throws them into a situation where they cannot function without the external support of a trained counselor. A person may have been struggling personally for quite some time and reached an absolute low point. Some of the common areas where the counselors in Saginaw, Texas have helped clients gain victory include:

Unpacking One’s Childhood

Our childhood has a monumental impact on the person we become. We are often unaware of this until we are put into conflict situations in the workplace or close relationships like marriage and parenting our children. Whether we have had a particularly traumatic childhood, plagued with issues like abuse, divorce, death in the family, or toxic parents or family members, or if we’ve experienced what could be deemed a happy or normal upbringing, there will be issues stemming from our upbringing that can be explored through individual counseling.

If you were a victim of abuse or were in a context full of difficulty, it is highly suggested that you see a trained counselor to help you untangle the web of trauma and move forward into a place of healing and hope. Many people believe that they can put these experiences behind them and move on, but unless we deal with them fully and are delivered from them, able to forgive the people involved as well as ourselves, we will continue to be affected by them in ways we may not even perceive.

These traumatic occurrences shape our worldview, and by attending counseling we can be given the opportunity to revisit and analyze them with an adult brain, amending any erroneous ideas that we might have embraced subconsciously, and aligning them with the truth from God’s Word.

Relationship Problems

Individual counseling can greatly benefit us when dealing with difficult relationships. This might be a family member or in-law, a boss or colleague, a friend, or even a marriage partner. Even though the other person in the relationship might be completely unaware of the fact that you are seeking counseling, and their behavior remains unchanged, you are not helpless.

There are many things that you can work through to help you handle the situation with greater strength. A counselor will help you to see the relationship with clarity and discuss possible solutions to managing and overcoming the conflict or unease.


While in Old Testament times and some religions today, people carve out stone or wooden idols to bow down to as their gods, the modern-day idols in our lives appear far more subtle. Still, they enslave us with the same effect.

Anything we hold in greater esteem than our relationship with God can be deemed an idol, even good things like spouses, children, and a career. Many of our emotional problems stem from idolatry.

While you might not immediately recognize this, the Christian counselors in Saginaw, Texas will, over the course of individual sessions, compassionately and lovingly help you to see the idols in your life that are leading to discontentment, frustration, and a weakened relationship with God. They will help you to put God first in your life, as you gain a greater love for Him as the Almighty God to be worshipped above all.

Boundary Problems

Boundaries are a complex psychological issue that many people fail to grasp properly. Without healthy, functioning boundaries, people end up feeling stressed in various areas in either their personal or professional life, as they simply do not know when or how to say no to people’s requests. This leads to burnout and other emotional problems and is often linked to an approval of man idol, where people are taken advantage of due to their low boundaries.

A trained counselor can help clients learn to solve their boundary problems and adopt more positive, productive behaviors. On the opposite side of this, some people can be responsible for not respecting other people’s boundaries, and need input to understand this destructive pattern.

If individual counseling sounds like something that you could currently benefit from, Saginaw Christian Counseling is here to help. To start your journey towards emotional recovery and strength, contact us to make your appointment. We look forward to helping you step out into the life of freedom that God has planned for you.

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