Individual Counseling

Depression. Anxiety. Trauma. Grief. Stress. Anger. Betrayal. Loss. Life is full of challenges and difficulties. If you’re struggling to cope with the circumstances in your life or you just need someone to listen to your story and help you find your way back to the light, the Christian counselors in Saginaw, Texas can help.

Using proven therapeutic methods combined with the wisdom and truth of God’s Word, your counselor will develop a treatment plan to meet your individual counseling needs. Take the first step toward improving your mental health and quality of life today by contacting Saginaw Christian Counseling for an appointment.

Couples Therapy

When two human beings are in close relationship with each other, issues are bound to arise at some point or another. Whether you’re dating, engaged, newly married, long-time spouses, or on the brink of divorce, Christian couples counseling in Saginaw, Texas can help you mend any fractures in your relationship, improve communication, strengthen your bond, and increase intimacy. Your Christian couples counselor in Saginaw will help you articulate your expectations, define your roles, and learn how to resolve conflict effectively.

Your relationship matters. Through couples therapy at Saginaw Christian Counseling, you will be equipped with tools to navigate the bumpy road of relationships so you and your partner can enjoy smoother days ahead.

Counseling for Children and Teens

The mental health of children and teens can be difficult to monitor. However, if you sense that your son or daughter is struggling in some way – whether through symptoms of anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, bullying, self-harm, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, or other concerns – the counselors at Saginaw Christian Counseling would be honored to help.

The licensed professionals in Saginaw, Texas are trained and equipped to work with children and teens who are struggling with a variety of emotional and mental health concerns. Find a supportive advocate and guide for your child at Saginaw Christian Counseling.

Family Therapy

Family counseling in Saginaw, Texas can be a vital resource for restoring the joy and peace in your home. If your family is struggling with frequent disagreements, unresolved conflict, unforgiveness, grief after loss, unmet expectations, or other challenges, we invite you to consider family therapy.

In family therapy at Saginaw Christian Counseling, each member of your family will be seen, heard, and valued. Your family will be equipped with practical tools that you can implement at home to help you enjoy lasting, positive change. Don’t continue to live in disunity; contact us today to rebuild the trust and hope in your household.