Saginaw Christian Counseling offers professional help through family counselors who are well-trained and equipped to guide you and your family through whatever difficulties you may be facing. Whether it is a single problem facing the whole family, an individual, or unresolved conflicts between family members, the input of a faith-based counselor can yield enormous benefits.

Each person longs to be part of a loving family where there are peaceful, strong relationships and a joyful environment for daily life. Conflict and other issues can prevent this goal from becoming a reality, and it can seem easier to settle on the status quo when change does not seem attainable.

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The good news is that, while there is no “perfect family”, family counseling sessions can go a long way toward helping restore, mature, and improve relationships and the overall family dynamic.

Your Christian counselor in Saginaw, Texas, will seek to get to know your family and create a neutral platform where thoughts and feelings can be shared openly. Everyone will be encouraged to give their opinion, including children, and all emotions will be affirmed – this is the starting point from which true healing begins.

Your counselor will gently help you to look at each issue from the point of view of other individuals and navigate you through a process of tearing down obstacles to growth and forging connections of trust and love, built on clear and honest communication.

Examining issues from a Christian worldview means that everyone is required to admit their faults, given that we are flawed individuals, and, over time, humbly do what they can do to change what needs to be changed and, with God’s help, move into a stronger space.

There is no set reason for why a family would need counseling; if you are struggling and feel like hope and healing seem out of reach, then getting in touch with Christian counselors in Saginaw would be a very good idea. Sometimes healthy families feel like some counseling sessions will boost their communication or improve already well-functioning relationships.

Most of the time, our clients find themselves in complex circumstances where the family unit is affected by an issue that is causing strain, either within the family itself or as a result of external challenges. These issues are wide-ranging, but could, for example, include:

  • Life changes and transitions caused by a death in the family, divorce, or a move to a new country/state
  • Poor sibling relationships, where sibling rivalry causes a constant state of disharmony and upsets the equilibrium of the home
  • Complex blended family situations with relational issues between parents/stepparents and children and their stepbrothers and stepsisters prevent a peaceful dynamic
  • The behavior of one child in particular causes disruption across the family; this could also include a child suffering from a mental health illness or special needs, which puts strain on the family
  • Substance abuse or other disorders (for example, eating disorders) experienced by one or more members of a family
  • Conflict between parents spills over into family relationships, including parents who disagree on each other’s parenting styles
  • Difficult relationships with extended family members, for instance, in-laws and brothers and sisters of parents in a family

This is a very limited list of a plethora of reasons why families choose to benefit from Christian counseling in Saginaw, Texas. Recognizing the problems and issues plaguing individual families and helping them navigate relational hardships so that they reach a point of healing, is the privilege and joy of a trained biblical counselor.

Saginaw Christian Counseling consists of teams of experts, one of which will be connected to you based on an assessment of the right “chemistry” and counselor-counselee fit for your family. Essentially, the counselor’s role is to serve as a mediator in sessions, which will likely take place during a weekly session. They will use biblical principles to guide your family in their discussion, prompting them with unbiased guidance and ensuring there is progress toward a joint solution.

The tone of the session will prevent surges of emotion from boycotting any attempts to resolve complex issues, which is what can typically happen without the presence of a counselor. Your counselor will unpack the hurts and fears that lie below the surface, and over time, work to open up lines for clear, kind communication and understanding.

Even the most difficult family situation can be redeemed, and family ties rebuilt once trust and an ethos of respect are established. You can expect to receive homework after your session, as well as practical skills to improve relationships with each family member.

Examples of issues addressed through family counseling.

Christian counselors in Saginaw work with families on a variety of issues and dynamics. These often include:

Parent dynamics

While marriage counseling often targets spouses that are unable to work through various issues, ongoing conflict between parents harms the whole family. Children are usually very sensitive to the state of the relationship between their parents, so if this is fragile they will typically “act up” which creates all-around tension in the home.

Child-parent dynamics

Children today are under huge amounts of pressure to perform, and this often causes them to erupt in the home environment. This can be difficult for parents to navigate, especially when it leads to disrespectful and rebellious behavior at home. When a child does not feel supported by their parents, and the parent does not know how to control or help their child, the relationship breaks down and may require the intervention of a family counselor.

Extended family dynamics

Even if a nuclear family is healthy and enjoys good relationships, this can be upset by conflict with extended family, especially when they live close by and are involved in each other’s day-to-day life. A family counselor can help enable families to gain an understanding of what the heart of the issue causing problems is, and then help them in learning to establish boundaries and communicate in a clear, loving way.

Grief counseling

When a family member passes away, or someone close to the family, family counseling is highly recommended, given that everyone handles grief differently. Parents and children will be better supported on their path of walking through grief, with therapy offering comfort and an opportunity to process emotions more holistically.

Life transitions

Even positive transitions can throw a family dynamic off-kilter. A new baby in the home, a move to a new home, or a parent changing their job and adjusting to a new routine are just some transitions that might unwittingly cause stress for a family. Other transitions that can be more smoothly navigated with the help of counseling include caring for a sick or elderly family member or a divorce.

Sickness in the family

When one family member struggles with a prolonged health issue, the family dynamic is severely impacted. A chronic illness or disability forces the family to re-adjust their understanding of “normal life” and counseling can assist with big emotions surrounding this kind of change.

Handling addiction

Addiction is not an individual activity but affects every person in the family. Whether the addiction relates to drugs and alcohol, gambling, porn, food, or other destructive behaviors, family counseling can support the people in relationship with the person struggling with addiction, even if they are not at the point of receiving counseling themselves.

If you need the support of a qualified and compassionate Christian counselor to help your family, contact our offices today to book an appointment and get started on a life-changing process. We have seen so many success stories and would love to help your family become one of them, as you walk this counseling journey together with God’s help.

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