God created the concept of couples and the relationship that they enjoy – one which brings companionship and a partner to navigate life with, and through marriage, children and the raising of a family together. In the beginning of a relationship, couples experience chemistry and this attraction causes them to focus only on their partner’s positive attributes, while being temporarily blinded to anything negative.

It is also true that it takes some time to properly get to know another person, and all their various attributes and habits which make them unique. After some time, it is typical for a couple to experience conflict, as they realize their differences and try to get the other person to conform to their preferred thinking on a matter. There might also be issues that get in the way, and, if these are not successfully worked through, the couple might split up, or continue to soldier on, avoiding conflict as best they can.

At Saginaw Christian Counseling, we help couples address problems in their relationship. We use a biblically informed approach to uncover the sin and desires that are at play, which so often wreak havoc with our ability to enjoy peaceful partnerships. We have helped many couples overcome everything from small hiccups to seemingly insurmountable obstacles and are able to help you and your partner too.

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Sadly, the state of many Christian couples’ union falls far below the biblical norm. These partnerships, whether leading into marriage or in marriage, are not providing the satisfaction that God intended them to bring, nor are they the testimony for Christ that God wants them to be. One sinner in relationship with another sinner is always going to lead to problems, and these are just a few of the common issues that the Christian counselors in Saginaw have addressed in couples counseling.


No two people can effectively live together without a good communication system. If they agree, you can be sure that they have learned to communicate with each other. Communication is the basic skill needed to establish and maintain sound relationships. Without this, there will be a failure in the couple’s ability to nurture and deepen their union.

Given that men and women are wired so differently, there are many opportunities for a couple to misunderstand what the other person means or feels. Through couples counseling, they can get a better understanding of how each partner expresses himself or herself, and gain insight into how things like shutting down or hurling verbal assaults can damage the relationship. There are many practical tools available to improve a couple’s ability to communicate in an open, honest and loving way.

Money and finances

If you and your partner disagree about money and how financial decisions are made, you are not alone. This is an extremely common problem faced by couples. Christian counselors in Saginaw, Texas are well-equipped to help you reach a shared understanding on a biblical view of money and to take steps forward together towards unity on the matter. Debt can put a relationship under huge amounts of strain. But working with a counselor to reach a point where you have achieved victory in this area will be a significant victory.

Sexual unity

For a married couple, sex is an integral part of genuine unity and a means of expressing, confirming, and nourishing the oneness of marriage. Where there are sexual problems, there are typically other issues in a relationship that need to be unpacked, in addition to discussions around the topic of sex itself. Couples who are struggling in this area are advised to seek help and not continue down a trajectory towards a sexless marriage. This can open the door for an array of other problems.


Children can either draw a married couple closer together or cause a wedge that drives them apart. Saginaw Christian Counseling can help couples bridge any gaps that have resulted during the parenting years. For starters, a couple might disagree over whether they should have any children, or have differing views about when they should start a family. They could be at odds about how many children to have, and then about how to raise their children. A counselor can help navigate these and other issues, pointing couples to the Bible as their final authority on raising children.

Family relationships

An otherwise healthy couple might be affected by family relationships close to them. This can be parents or siblings who are demanding or toxic and who end up being the source of conflict as each person holds differing views about how they should be handled. A Christian counselor will be able to work with a couple to understand the dynamics at play in in-law or other family relationships. The counselor will provide clarity and practical ways in which to handle the situation.


When one person in a relationship has an addiction, either to a substance or something like porn, gambling, television or even food, it can put extreme strain on a couple’s relationship. Ideally, the couple will attend counseling together, and the person going through the addiction will attend individual or group counseling to work through his or her issues. If addiction prevails, the other partner may have no alternative but to end the relationship. But they will benefit much from the perspective and advice of a counselor who has seen similar cases and knows the effects and consequences of addiction on a couple.

The Bible very clearly lays out the foundation of a solid partnership and shows couples what is necessary for them to thrive rather than allowing things to stagnate or sour in their relationship. As with dealings with any other person, showing the fruit of the Spirit to one’s partner will yield much benefit. Couples can learn to put off selfishness and other undesirable traits. Instead, they can put on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. Then they will find that their relationship improves. Your Christian counselor in Saginaw, Texas, will provide the platform necessary for negative habits to die and for new ones to be put in place.

Good relationships do not come without a large amount of effort, time, self-examination, and honest evaluation. However, a couple’s relationship is the most important human relationship. So, it makes sense that it is prioritized and given diligent thought and prayer.

If you have reached a point where you feel stuck, know that counseling can be a valuable investment. It can help you break down barriers and move toward a healthier place. This will enrich your daily life and bring God glory through your obedience.

Contact one of our counselors today and make an appointment for a session. It is vital to receive counseling from someone who you feel is on the same page as you are, and with whom you and your partner have a natural rapport. Once you have found the right expert, be prepared to engage in several sessions, as the best results are reached over a period of time.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to couples counseling. A thorough uncovering of the layers of emotional pain that has occurred is required to reach healing and recovery. We have witnessed many relationships and marriages improve and move from sour to sweet, and we would be privileged to walk this road with you. Our counselors can help you experience greater happiness and a deeper understanding of how God is glorified through healthy marriages.

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