Our children are growing up with more pressure than ever before, and the effects of this are visible in the emotional problems and debilitating mental disorders so many are displaying. Growing up has never been easy. Saginaw Christian Counseling is here to partner with parents whose children are navigating challenges that can be more effectively handled with the guidance and expertise of a trained counselor.

Your child is a unique individual, created by God, and we are committed to working with you to ensure your child overcomes obstacles he or she may face, so that he or she is able to grow into the full potential that lies ahead in the future.

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There may be a specific event or issue that has arisen that has encouraged you to seek out Christian counseling in Saginaw, Texas. Your child’s difficult or puzzling behavior has prompted you to consider counseling as an option.

Parents often reach out for one or more of the reasons below. The answer to the question of whether your child needs counseling really depends on how you perceive your child’s mental and emotional state.

Being able to be in an environment where your child feels safe and is guided towards expressing how he or she feels, along with being given strategic tools to overcome emotional challenges can never be a bad thing. So if the opportunity exists to support your child through counseling, it will be well worth the investment.

Signs your child that might prompt you to seek counselling include the following:

  • Mood or behavior changes, either all of a sudden or of a persistent nature
  • Challenges at school, socially or academically
  • Constant conflict with family members
  • An experience of trauma or grief and not being able to cope or deal with it
  • Difficulty in adjusting to a transition or changed circumstances
  • Reckless or risky actions
  • A crisis of faith or spiritual struggles

As a team of Christian counselors in Saginaw, Texas we have dealt with all manner of problems. We take great joy in being able to help find solutions where there seemed to be none. Our counsellors work through issues with children by taking into account their unique ways of processing life and interpreting issues. We are confident that we have the tools you need to help your child get back on the path towards thriving.

Benefits of Christian Counseling for Children

You might wonder if it matters whether your child receives help from a Christian counselor, when his or her problem seems completely unrelated to spiritual issues. Faith-based counseling has a huge advantage over secular counseling, because it approaches whatever your child is dealing with through a biblical lens.

This means your child will be able to understand challenges from the perspective that he or she is God’s child, and an understanding of God’s character and love for him or her.

Your Christian counselor in Saginaw, Texas, will be able to provide the perfect mix of traditional cognitive behavioral methods and biblical counseling tools to get to the heart of your child’s troubles. The counselor will point your child to the One who is able to provide all the comfort and healing we need to overcome even the toughest struggles.

Children are suffering from the same mental health issues that are plaguing adults. Of course, they are unable to discern what is affecting them. They rely on their parents or guardians to help work out there is a problem. It is unlikely that a child will ask for help without being prompted.

Realizing that your child is dealing with depression, anxiety or another psychological challenge can be hard to acknowledge as a parent. Feelings of guilt are natural, although not warranted or helpful. It is also difficult for a parent to give children the help they need, so Saginaw Christian Counseling is able to bridge that gap.

According to recent statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six children in the U.S. has a mental, behavioral or developmental disorder.

Estimates for ever having a diagnosis among children aged 3-17 years in 2016-19 include attention-deficit/hyperactivity (ADHD) – 9.8%, anxiety problems – 9.4%, behavior problems – 8.9%, and depression – 4.4%. Other problems include self-harm, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, anger management, addictions, family relationships and mood and personality disorders.

Christian counselors in Saginaw, Texas, offer a safe place of compassion, so you can expect that your child will be made to feel comfortable and relaxed. The nature of each session will vary according to the unique requirements of each counselor, with counselors trained to know how best to interact with your child depending on his or her age and symptoms.

If your child is under 13 years old, you might attend sessions with him or her, as ultimately a partnership exists between a counselor and the parents of the child being treated. This will depend on the circumstances involved as well as the child’s personality.

With children, two main types of therapy are used:

  • Play therapy – this approach makes use of creative play, with the counselor engaging with the child regarding his or her subject of play
  • Trauma therapy – this type of therapy is for children who have been abused or experienced a traumatic event. It is focused on helping the child process his or her pain so that the healing process can begin.

For children in preteen and teenage years, Christian counseling can be an important tool in helping your child navigate these challenging years for children and their parents alike. Counselors are skilled in connecting with teens and will be able to open lines of communication. This will help preteens or teens express themselves and work their way into a positive space.

In addition to depression and anxiety, teenagers are having to deal with problems related to drug and alcohol use, sexual identity and promiscuity, teen pregnancy, peer pressure and solving problems they face in building a stronger future for themselves.

While the teen years are notoriously turbulent, and it can be hard to know what “normal” behavior is and what isn’t, it is wise to err on the safe side, in case there is something more troubling going on in your teenager’s life than of which you are aware. The culture of the time is extremely secular, with many accepted norms that go completely against Christ’s teachings. Even if your child has declared faith at a young age, he or she might be tempted by what they see around them, and heavily influenced by their peers.

It is, however, important to remember that God is sovereign, and He has not left His throne even though it might feel like it. Jesus Christ provides us with a perfect example on how to care for our kids and is there for us every step of the way. We need to remember to call out for Him daily for wisdom and grace, and diligently pray for our children.

Raising our children is also not something we need to do alone. Rather, we need to be in community with believers who can point out things we might miss and offer support when the burden feels too heavy.

Saginaw Christian Counseling is there as part of that community, supporting families in their parenting journey. We have witnessed so many children finding healing from emotional battles and would love to be able to offer that same gift to your child. Get in touch with us today to find out more about counseling for your child, and reap the benefits of helping them flourish.

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